Thursday, January 23, 2014

I finally get near the computer!

Audrey has been bogarting the computer claiming something she is doing a foreign word in this house called "homework" or something like that. And also, since when did they start calling the final project of the year a "summative"? In my day (holy hell, I just used in my day) it was just awkwardly called the-final-project-of the-year-that-is-worth-half-your-final-grade. Whatever.

Anyway, in an effort to speed up the blogging process so the kid can get back to her so-called "summative", please enjoy what came in the mail yesterday. I know I will. Okay, I just read that back, and I realize how self-centred that sounds. Why on God's green earth would you care about my wonderful, fantastic dream trip? That said,


The tickets are like credit cards! Who knew?

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