Thursday, January 16, 2014

Borrowing children

I was talking to Audrey after we saw a trailer for the Lego movie. Incredibly it looks hilarious to me and in the face of having to see all nine Oscar nominees (Yuck why do I still do this?... it's like medicine, seriously.) in a month, I thought I'd really like to "borrow" one of my preschool kids and just go see it.

When I told this to Audrey she was surprised. Well, at first she thought I meant to kidnap the kid. My actual intention was just to ask the parents to take them out on a "date" but whatever works. I kinda want to see this ridiculous movie. Especially if I have to go see the super depressing 12 Years a Slave.

Anyway, this conversation reminded me of the time when I went shopping for a table and chair for my classroom. I went to Ikea and stood in front of the tiniest table and chair I ever saw. It couldn't possibly be the size I needed, could it? Being away from my classroom and in a giant warehouse didn't help, either. So I did what any red-blooded preschool teacher would do. I borrowed a kid. I waited for the first 3 year old to walk by (it didn't take long... this was Ikea on a Saturday, after all... two words: cheap meatballs) and jumped in front of her mum.

Me: Hi! Excuse me... this is going to sound weird but can I borrow your daughter?
Terrified mum: Uh. What?
Me (laughing and trying to look less psychotic. My haircut does NOT help): I'm a preschool teacher, and I'm trying to buy this table and chair for my classroom but it seems too small. Can I have your daughter just sit here for a second?
TM (smiling but only looking only slightly relieved): Okay.
She manoeuvers her child to the little table but never takes her hand off her back. This is wise. That kid is cute, and I need a movie date. Oh, and the table and chair are perfect.
Me: Thank you so much, and your daughter is gorgeous by the way.
TM: Oh, that's not my daughter. I've never seen this kid before in my life.
(I was just checking to see if you were listening)

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Here's the table in action. Er sort of...

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