Monday, January 20, 2014

Good evening, randoms!

So I'm watching "El Bachelor" (awful but I love watching these 20 year old desperate women... how are they so young, skinny, beautiful and damaged? Can you say guilty pleasure?) and nursing the biggest freaking pimple on the edge of my lip. It's huge and hot, and I feel it with every heartbeat. I think it's a tumour.

I put our Disney tickets on my credit card this weekend, and I think it's the most money I've ever put on it. That was a pain too, but it hurt so good. 25 days and counting.

Developmental profiles are done.

Elliott made brownies today. Okay, he stirred stuff and switched on the oven but he stayed in the kitchen and mostly didn't text so it's a win.

So now I'm off to the couch to practice my uke and put my feet up before I go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow!


Apropos of nothing, does this logo look like a swastika to anyone else?

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