Thursday, December 5, 2013

To thank or not to thank...

So it's year end at my school. For years if I got anything from a parent, I sent a personalized thank-you note. It wasn't fired off quickly, and I bent over backwards to write one, even if I got a gift on the very last day. I'd scrawl one out and hand it to the parent on their way out.

Last year I heard a different opinion, and I really want to put it out there to parents (and anyone with $.02 to spend). This opinion states that by giving you a small token, the parents are already thanking you so a thank you note for the thank-you gift is starting to go down a rabbit hole of Canadian style politeness.

So the question is: would you expect a thank-you note for a teacher gift? Are you insulted if you don't get one? Do they need to be personalized? Seriously, I have enough paperwork at this time of year what with individual developmental assessments and other stuff. My brain is oozing.

What do you think?


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