Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All I want for Christmas is... gift cards?

Um, how about no. Because I love you, I want to picture you driving around the mall parking lot for ages trying to find a space until you finally give up and slowly follow someone leaving the store to their car only to find out that they have to load $10,000 worth of merchandise and a giant screen plasma into a Smart For Two.

I want you to agonise wondering if you should get me the festive holiday scarf or the Doctor Who tea cosy. (Hint: the cosy... it's always the cosy).

I want you to try your best to find something you think I'd love that you can wrap with a bow and watch me tear open with glee and gratitude.

A gift certificate is nice if you don't know me well (so why are you getting me a gift anyways?) or if I teach your kid. Cash is fine if you're my dad and you can't be arsed to actually leave the house even for that gift card but if you know and love me just look for an item however small. I'm easy to buy for, promise. And in case you are so inclined, here's a handy list of things I enjoy.

The aforementioned Doctor Who
My ukulele (Idris)
Watching TV
Blogging and computer stuff in general
Clothing accessories like purses, earrings and funky necklaces
Listening to music

See? Tons of ideas right there that revolve around those activities. And can be pretty cheap. You have time for this, I promise. Just have a simple conversation with the one you love and find out what they like. You won't be sorry when you see the light in their eyes that comes from receiving a gift that shows you were paying attention in a package that's thicker than an average pharmacy envelope. Plus the mental image of you rage parking? Well that is just an added holiday bonus.


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