Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"How boring..."

Is what you'll say after reading this post. I have a little pressure here as I just heard from my kids' music teacher that he heard about me and wants to start reading my blog. Yikes! A professional person wants to read my insane ramblings? Of all days to come up short on a fascinating topic or cunning insight into the mystical mind of a fascinating woman.

Heh. I just called myself a "fascinating woman". I suppose I may be just that to someone who isn't living in my weird (and flabby) skin. I guess we all have something cool or interesting about us. Otherwise why would you take valuable time out of your busy day to read whatever blathering nonsense I have rattling around in my head today?

Which admittedly is nothing. Hoo boy, I'm in fine form right now. Best end this before anyone gets hurt. Stay tuned, Mr S. I promise this stuff gets better. Or at least less... boring?


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