Thursday, June 27, 2013

The joy of coining a new word

It's no surprise to my longtime readers and IRL friends that I love to watch Maury Povich. It's not an everyday thing but if there's nothing else on, I'll flip over. There's nothing like feeling superior to the slutty fools and inbred morons that populate this programme. Another thing that delights me are their names. They canNOT be serious with these names.

Pancake? Did the parents just decide to name the baby after the last thing they ate at Denny's? Ianieka? Offspring of Ian and Tanieka? Why oh why? Then today we had Tequila (I'm sure she was named after the song and not the drink) and Deja. Oh, I'm sorry De'Ja. I'm not kidding. I saw the name and sputtered to Scott through my tea "Oh my god, there's a putostrophe...."

We laughed at my mis-speak, joking that maybe that's the way her parents would say the actual word. Then we realized that this could be a new word for exactly that. A word for when an apostrophe is "put" wherever the hell you want to stick it.

So here's my whole'Hearted endorse'Ment of the use of the term "putostrophe" and I give you all the permis'Sion to sprinkle them through'Out your daily e'Mails and memos. Look how mu'Ch fun!

Putostrophes. Your spell'Check may not like it but it's the wave of the futu'Re!


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