Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Elliott's a YouTube sensation!

Okay, not really but we sure have had a lot of hits to a video I just posted online a few years ago. I just did it  in case something happened to to the computer. Which it did, by the way, and lost every photo and video except for the things in "the cloud". Yay Internets!

So anyway, this video has over 37,000 hits and if I had known I'd have given it a beginning and an end... maybe even some intrigue or drama ("In a wooorld where only the clean-shaven survive... will this intrepid young man and his kindly father survive the cutting yet creamy demands of a daily hygienic routine?").

My point is, how do I make money off this check out the comments. I just got another one this morning saying how lucky Elliott is to have a dad to teach him to shave. I always thought that because of the safety razor, dads don't do this for their sons anymore. I mean really, with the new 5 blade razors, you couldn't even pop a balloon with one. Isn't teaching your offspring to shave a holdover to when you used a straight razor to do it and you could slice the skin off your face like cheddar cheese off a block? I really thought it was a quaint old tradition like a man asking a father for his daughter's hand in marriage or not texting at the dinner table. But it looks to me that even with the evolution of the safety razor, sons all over still want their dads to teach them how to shave. I think it's a bonding moment and something once it's missed you can never get it back. Like when we mums get to go shopping for that first box of Tampax. That's what I'm getting from the majority of comments.

So guys, if you're reading this and it's not too late, grab a razor and help your kid drag it across his face. It's 5 minutes out of your lives that he'll look back on fondly (or at least it'll be one less thing he'll bitch about you in therapy). You're welcome.

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