Thursday, June 6, 2013

The early bird gets the worm

This dude was my reward for being at the park at 5:50am this morning. See, this is why I love running here. The amount of wildlife I see on a daily basis seriously boggles my mind. Plus I didn't even notice until I watched the video back that there is so much birdsong that you can barely hear me. In my amazing neighbourhood I can walk to the river, the pub, the second largest mall in Ottawa, the movies and bike to the beach. The only thing you can't get is a fresh apple. You have to get in the car and drive 5 minutes to the grocery store for that. Unless you want to try your luck with the suspicious bowl of fruit at the cash register at the gas station. Amir says they're fine but I have my doubts. It's city, suburb and country all rolled into one. I often tell Scott that this is "my pine box" house. As in "I'm not leaving until I'm in..."

I love it here. And apparently so does Methuselah. That's what I call my ugly friend up there.

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