Friday, May 31, 2013

This is my lot in life. It's not a lot but it's my life

This is what happened to me at the grocery store today. I wish I had embellished or embroidered for comedy's sake but sadly the exchange went precisely like this.

First a bit of background: yesterday a friend posted to YouTube this video about, well, watch it.

I messaged Laura, the friend who posted this, that this happens to me all the time (minus the actress's awesome and hilarious comeback) Fast forward to today after I'm done grocery shopping. I'm pushing my cart and I see an Indian man (Asian not native) leaning against a wall. He's staring at me then he says something that I can't hear because of my earphones. I pop one out and here's our conversation:

Nosy Stranger (rubbing his cheek): What charming colour you have.
Me: Um. Haha. Thanks, I think. I've had it all my life.
Nosy Stranger: Where are you from?
Me (I know full well what he means but I play stupid): Montreal
Nosy Stranger: Originally
Me (Sigh): My parents are from the West Indies
Nosy Stranger: Guyana?
Me: No, Dominica.
Nosy Stranger: I see... Charming, charming skin.
Me (starting to get a creepy Silence Of The Lambs vibe from this guy): Yeeeeeah, thanks. Have a nice weekend. Bye!
I push my cart away, grouchy that I let that exchange go on longer than any sane person would have. I swear if I keep this up I'll end up in someone's basement preparing my charming hide for tanning. Ugh.

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