Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Shouldn't you be writing a blog post?"

Said Elliott to me as he saw me again getting lost in the sucking black hole that is Candy Crush. He even threatened to turn off the monitor. The nerve. And I very vividly remember the days when I wished he could walk and talk. Now this. It's an abuse of power, I tell you. What happened to honouring your father and mother. That's in the flipping BIBLE, people! I mean really, who's the adult here? If I want to play Candy Crush then have ice cream for dinner, it's my prerogative. Am I right? And if I want to play Candy Crush and not do my blog ever again then....

Okay, fine. I'm done. I'll just keep it open in another window that I'll flip to when he's not looking. Ha. See? Mature brain triumphs over teenaged brain every time.

So yeah... today's blog is as usual, what I was doing at 2:01 today. When the alarm went off I was at a stoplight coming home from an appointment at the Heart Institute. I have a little high blood pressure issue that they want to keep an eye on. I really shouldn't have picked up the thing in the car but when I hear the thing go off, I jump out of my skin every time. Plus it was a red light as you can see from the taillights and the actual red signal ahead...

So I hope you all have a productive day. As for myself, I gotta go. I have some candy to obliterate before Elliott finds out.

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