Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am so smart S-M-R-T!

I'm not particularly crafty or creative so I'm super proud of what I did. Please don't burst my bubble and tell me this is a popular practice and instructions can easily be found online just yet. I'm revelling in my moment.

So I've had issues with earbuds. They irritate me to no end and it feels like my life's work to find the perfect pair that'll stay in my pin-like ear canal. Well, I've found the solution. Earplugs.

I bought a packet at the pharmacy and they're so squishy it's like stuffing your ears full of warm marshmallow. And no, I don't suggest you try that. I took the little cover off my favourite set of buds, eyeballed the size of the plugs and cut them (about in half). Then I took a paper clip and opened it up. I heated one end and pushed it through the bud, widening the opening until I could fit the noisy end of the bud into the plug. And voilĂ , perfect fitting earbuds. I know they won't last for long but there are 10 in a pack and they take 5 minutes to make. I'm delighted with them. I don't know how many times I've tossed earbuds just because they don't fit. Now even the cheapest pair will be perfect. I'm delighted.

So there you go. I feel so creative and smart and what was that? I can't hear you. I can't hear a thing with these earbuds in. And look at me... I'm running with them in, too!


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