Thursday, October 20, 2011

More fun on the bus and random work shit

85 "Fun"

-I paid my fair as usual and waited for a transfer as usual. And waited. Nothing came out. Not really a problem but if the inspector came on the bus I'd have to pay a $150 fine. I told the driver to take note of me in case that happens. Then I sat down and watched as person after person got and she told them not to deposit their ticket as now rides were free until she could get the machine fixed. Aw, man! I was the last person to pay before the machine pegged out. No fair. At least I didn't have to pay a fine.

-I saw a baby in a stroller blowing up a latex glove like a balloon. When it fell on the dirty bus floor, the mum picked it up and gave it back. Not even I could make this stuff up, folks.

Random work shit

-At circle time my co-worker Alison pulled out a few shoelaces to tie together for a demonstration of concept. One of the children piped up and interrupted her:
 "Aglet. That plastic is an aglet. A-G-L-E-T." 
Holy crap, I only learned that word a few years ago after working on crosswords. I'm so impressed that this kid knew it. At 4. I'm just saying.

-I'm off today and tomorrow for Simchat Torah. It's when you come to the end of the reading of the Torah and you start again. This month there were 4 Jewish holidays plus Thanksgiving and a PD day. Alison called this week "The High Holiday Home Stretch". I love her.

-I'm enjoying this blog-writing whenever I feel there's something worth writing. It saves you (and me) from enduring a blog full of questionnaire answers, nonsensical ramblings and silly links.

See you soon...


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