Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stop me oh-ho-ho stop me

Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before...

I feel like I've just posted about this subject but maybe it was just me gassing about it live in person to my workmates (yes, I have them). Whatever. If I've mentioned this before, please ignore this blog.

I'd like to discuss cold medicine ads. You know the ones... A sick person takes some kind of miracle drug that allows them to continue working or school or skydiving or some such nonsense. Ummm whatever happened to taking a sick day? Are we that indispensible that we can't take 24 hours off from our lives? And if you can't, do you really want to sicken everyone around you by spreading whatever goopy germ that's making you ill?

I'll never forget the commercial with a guy doing his groceries pushing a cart. He lets out an almighty sneeze, covering his mouth with his hand like a good boy then continues to push the cart. He later opens the freezer to get something. A mother and daughter come along and the daughter pushes sneeze-guy's cart out of the way and blammo. Nasty germy transfer. Just to let you all know, the new way of blocking your gross sneeze is with the inside your elbow for exactly that reason. Yuck.

There's an ad I've been liking lately for Benylin. It's got a woman trying to get ready for work but she's sick. She takes the drug then (shock of shocks) also takes the day off. I love the very end of the ad where they show her looking better (having taken her Benylin) but in her bed at home, reading a book with her dog snuggled beside her. Now that's the way to be sick. Take a hint people. The world will continue turning without you.

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