Friday, December 28, 2007

I apologise in advance

I have to be one of THOSE mums. You know the ones. Those irritating, braggy, my-child-is-the-best-smartest-greatest-child-ever mums. But don't worry, I'll try not to drag this on.

Yesterday (Henry's birthday in case you've forgotten) for the first time I went to the Civic Centre to watch Henry play nets in a tournament. Okay so he lost 4-1 but he really did make some brilliant saves. Seriously. How do I know this? Well besides all the other parents clapping me on the back saying so, he got 3rd star of the game. And from his coach he also got the construction helmet which signifies that he worked the hardest on the team. I wish I could show you my favourite save of the game. It involved him reaching back behind him to snag the loose puck which would have surely gotten tipped in but you'll have to endure these instead. I warned you I was going to do this...

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