Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow Day (part deux)

So yesterday we got an enormous dump of snow. Thirty-seven centimetres. They say it's the biggest one day total on yesterday's date in 60 years. All I know is that the kids being home have put the kibosh on Scott and my "date week". You already know, as usual, it's all about me. 'S'okay, though. We can still have a ball as a family playing in the newly fallen snow. I actually like it right now since it's all clean and fresh and not too cold out. Hey, it's Canada. Minus 15 is not that cold. Especially with the sun blazing like it is.

It's just past 10am and the kids have been playing outside for almost 30 minutes. Scott's out there too snowblowing the laneway so I better make an appearance soon. I'll just put my snowsuit on over my jammies stick my bare feet in my ugly skidoo boots and I'll be ready to go. Seriously. That's just the way I roll.

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