Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Name of the game this week?


Scott and I somehow managed to both get this week off. When we did, we called it "date week" and immediately started thinking of fun, single-style things we could do while the kids are at school. We could go to movies, Christmas shop, bake (okay, that was my suggestion), go to the hobby shop (that was his), sleep in (this includes some afternoon delight), and generally enjoy ourselves as if we had no kids for 6 hours.

Well, you know that old saying "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans"? Well that applies this week. And it's only Tuesday. Yesterday the kids were off school because of the snow cleanup from Sunday. So there went the shopping and the movies. Not a problem. We have the rest of the week, right? And at least we got to sleep in.

This morning they're back at school. Oops, I realize I can't sleep in because I have to get them ready. Kibosh on that. Then, during my morning ablutions, I notice that Aunt Flo has come over for an early and most certainly unwelcome visit. Kibosh. There goes the afternoon delight portion of the programme. And before you mention that we could still go on, let me remind you that we've been together for going on 20 years and that's just a big yuck on both our parts. Literally and figuratively. Sigh. At least we can still go to the movies and Christmas shopping.

And didn't I just now have to get up from the computer to check on the heaving cat? Yup, I did. Culprit? Christmas tree tinsel. I'm sensing a vet sized kibosh in out future.

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