Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy 8th birthday Henry!

Henry is my "Mini-Me"

He's most like me in temperament, attitude and personality. He's got dramatic flair and he's the only one of my troupe who will most likely join his school's drama club. He's got dimples like me and a loud infectious laugh like mine. Once all the kids were playing superheroes and assigning each other super-powers. Elliott was "super-smart", Audrey was "super-girly" and Henry? "Super-loud". That's my baby.

He cracks me up, is really snuggly and despite his language learning disability, is amazingly eloquent and expressive. He has a quick smile and an easy laugh. I love this kid to distraction.

So his cake is baked, the birthday tree is decorated and everything (except for the loot bags [which are actually boxes]) is ready for the big do on Saturday afternoon. He's playing nets in hockey later today so we're all going to cheer him on then it's off to the restaurant of his choice for dinner. Most likely McDonalds. Well, he can't be like me 100%, can he?

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