Monday, October 18, 2010

Whew! It's done.

I married my brother Friday and the ceremony went really well. Unfortunately it was a lot shorter than I had planned. When I read it at home to myself, I was slow and deliberate and it was about 4 minutes long. When I read it on the day, I was breathy and nervous so I zoomed along and it lasted all of what felt like 45 seconds. When I saw that the bride was crying I tried to pause to give her a moment but I couldn't and just bulldozed on through. At that moment it occurred to me that she may have been crying because I was ruining her day. She later claimed she was just emotional. The jury is still out.

I know what you are thinking... "Who cares about the wedding. What did she wear?" Unfortunately no photos taken of me have surfaced but I can tell you I wore all black. I don't usually but I wanted to look official and austere. Of course I wore my Louboutins so there was that gorgeous little flash of red. I expected lots and lots of compliments on my shoes since it was their first official dinner/dancing affair. It didn't happen.

What got all the attention? This weird little necklace. I bought it for $20 on our Girl's Weekend a few weeks ago for a lark.

It's metallic and weird and bendy and can be a necklace that keeps any shape or a bracelet. I guess you can even put it in your hair but I have none to test that theory.

So I spend $200 on the coolest shoes known to man and my cheapy little necklace steals all the glory. Of course it didn't help that I absently changed it every 5 minutes. People were fascinated. I must have talked about it all night.

Hmph. Oh yeah... The evening? Not about me.

Awwww... Congrats Mike and Lisa!

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