Friday, October 29, 2010

Things that pissed me off over the last 24 hours

In an effort to make up for the fact that this whole week I've recycled old posts, instead of "Flashback Friday", I'm going to give you something new.

I was inspired to do this by another blog. Over the course of one 24 hour day (this past Tuesday the 26th of October) , this is a list of everything that made me:

  • roll my eyes
  • shake my head derisively
  • grit my teeth in pique or frustration
  • mentally stamp my foot
  • actually stamp my foot
  • yell
  • gesture obscenely
  • sigh
  • chups (it's a black thing... sort of sucking on the back teeth)
or otherwise just generally pissed me off. Keep in mind this was a specific day and not necessarily what bugs me as a rule.


My twenty-four hours of irritation:

6:00am- My alarm clock goes off
6:05am- My feet hit the cold hardwood floor
6:20am- On my run, my stupid fricking earbuds don't stay in my ears. I have to adjust them every 5 minutes and I'm wearing the tiniest silicone thingies that come with the set. I dream of a wireless brain implant for mp3s
7:12am- I have to stop running and give up my "alone time" for another day
7:35am- I discover a pile of dirty, stinky sheets in a corner of Henry's room. I make him pick them all up and haul them to the laundry room
7:45am- I say goodbye to Scott
8:30am- I say goodbye to Elliott
8:45am- I say goodbye to Henry
9:00am- I say goodbye to Audrey (See? I actually like them)
(wow, 4 hours go by without me being pissed in any way)
1:00pm- All My Children is on. It bothers me that I can't stop watching this stupid show
3:00pm- Scott's home early. This is a good thing (honestly) but I'm thrown because he tiptoed into the house and scared the crap out of me. I think I peed a little
5:30pm- I'm bugged by the shitty dinner I serve because I have a movie date with Marianne and Elliott has hockey. We have sausages, beans and rice. Meh.
8:30pm- Sigh. After the movie we go out for a drink and decide not to eat. Then we find out that it's 1/2 price pizza day and I'm forced to eat a feta pizza. Damn you, Shoeless Joe.
10:00pm- It's raining on our walk home from the theatre and my ballet flats (and feet) get soaked.
11:00pm- I'm grouchy that I can't resist the siren song of my People magazine before I go to sleep. I read about Courtney Cox and David Arquette's busted up marriage until after midnight. Why?!
5:50am- Scott wakes me up with an accidental (?) elbow to the head. I hate waking up that close to my alarm going off. I watch the clock for 10 minutes then get out of bed.

To be completely fair, in the near future I'll do one of these on the things that made me happy in one 24 hour period. Sadly, I think that list will be shorter. Considering how grumpy things make me and how short my fuse is, how is it that I'm often seen as a positive, happy person?


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