Monday, October 4, 2010

Look what I did!

Okay, this may not seem like a lot to you (especially you men) but this is quite the feat for me.

I learned to drive in 1999, hugely pregnant with Henry and desperate not to get stuck in the house with three kids, access to a car but no driver's licence. I did everything I had to for the test including parallel park and that was the last time I did it. Yup, 1999. I'm not a strong reverser and to be honest, I don't care since it's super easy to avoid. Yesterday I couldn't. It wasn't a parallel park but I had to back the car into the spot in a dark parking garage with people watching. It gives me chills just thinking about it again.

I was at the mall with the kids trying to find a parking spot near the store I needed to go to to avoid spending tons of cash "walking past" other stores. As I circled (and circled and circled...) the area, Elliott saw a car with its backing lights on as we passed. I stopped quick and threw it in reverse to wait for him to come out. Unfortunately someone else saw him and was coming up behind me in a much better position to swoop in. It was now or never.

I started backing up asking the kids to tell me if I was getting close to any other cars. They were super helpful. And under all that pressure I managed to slot in the car and still open all the doors to boot. There were cars on either side and even a pillar that I had to deal with as well. Amazing! The kids cheered as we got out and I just stood there marvelling at the awesome job I did. I mentioned to Audrey that I wished I had my camera... hey, I did!

It's the little things.

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