Thursday, September 23, 2010

When did this happen?

As I was running the other day I noticed that the road sign on my street corner was changed. It was shiny and the newer and white on blue instead of the former white on green that they're putting up around the city. Niiice. But what's that? Where did that newfangled space come from? Hm.

My street name is a compound word. I'm not going to specify because you all know too much about me already and I'd really prefer not to find you camped out on my front lawn when I come home from Costco. Anyway, when they made up the shiny new sign, they put in a space and capitalised the second word. Let's say for argument's sake I lived on Sunnyside but now I live on Sunny Side. It's quite jarring. I've lived on Sunnyside for nearly 13 years. I've always told people my address was "Sunnyside-no-space-one-word". Now I have to change? I had noticed a change in the air lately when I'd seen envelopes with the new spacey spelling and I hadn't been able to Mapquest my own house but I thought nothing of it.

It's not much but it's really weird and it'll take some getting used to. Needless to say I prefer the old spelling... I'm so not good with change. I asked an old neighbour about it and he said that when the neighbourhood was built in the 60s, Sunny Side was the old spelling but it got lost in the sands of time. So what's old becomes new again and I get to whine and stamp my feet in a fit of pique. Another win/win.

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