Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Philosophical sunrise

(good thing, too because it's pouring rain right now). Anyway, I saw it rise yesterday too and while it was pretty, the sky was completely clear. Today there were some clouds in the sky and the sunrise was stunning, all purples, pinks and lilacs. So the thought that glanced through my mind was:

Huh. I guess you can't have a nice sunrise without a couple clouds.

Sounds really profound, right? Like a poet came up with it. I feel like I couldn't have come up with that on my own so give me a second, I'm going to google it...

Okay, peeps, after an exhaustive five minute search it looks like I'm brilliant. I couldn't find one reference to sunrises vis à vis clouds by either Keats, Yeats or Byron.

I reworked it a bit to make it sound more philosophical and less like I came up with it while half crazed on endorphins and voilà... I expect to see loads of Facebook statuses and tweets today that look like this:

"You can't have a beautiful sunrise without a few clouds"  -Kxx, blogger extraordinaire

You're welcome.


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