Monday, September 20, 2010

Another day, another cake

Actually this is the first actual cake of the month since I've been all about loads and loads of cupcakes. I'm excited about this one too since it's the dessert for the second annual weekend we call "Moms Gone Wild". It's a coconut lemon birthday cake for my oldest friend. We'll be celebrating in a rented Victorian house miles away from our families (and close to the beach) starting Friday. There'll be chick flicks, fancy food, drinking, shopping, dancing, karaoke and general merriment. Waiting for Thursday night will make this the longest week ever.

This house has a clawfoot tub so I'm bringing bubble bath to take a long luxurious soak. I'm also bringing my Louboutins to wear at dinner since that's the perfect occasion (sitting) and I get to show them off for the first time. I'm already mostly packed. Is it Friday yet?


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