Thursday, September 16, 2010

There's an app for that

Okay so there are times when I post my favourite songs, my favourite tv shows and favourite Youtube videos. If you've forgotten any of them, just go ahead and click on the search box on the top left and enter whichever you like. If you are reading this on Facebook, then you are out of luck. Get thee to blogger. Geez, how many times....?

Anyway, I realize I've never shared my favourite iPod apps. Oh, they are fun. Most of the ones I go for are free with a few exceptions. So without further ado, here are a few of my favourites in no particular order. I keep them on the first page of my toy:

  • Facebook app. It's a bit crashy, I can rarely watch videos and I can't filter out your Farmville/Mafia/insert-irritating-game-stat-here nonsense but it's still pretty good.
  • Grocery IQ: I love how you put in "corn" and you can choose the brand you want to buy. If I was American, the coupon thing would be handy but I'm okay with that trade-off for tighter gun controls.
  • Twittelator: What can I say? I like to keep up with my tweeps. There's nothing like getting a direct message from a soap or sitcom star to make your day complete. It's happened 3 times, people!
  • Angry Birds: I can say without hyperbole that it's my favourite game of all time. If I'm sitting for 5 minutes, I'm playing Angry Birds. Do yourself a favour and get the free version to try it. If you don't buy the full version, I'll give up cupcakes for a week.
  • Zap2it's TV Listings: Without TV Guide I'm adrift, and this app is the lifeline I need. It's actually the only app that I moved to the stationary bar at the very bottom of the screen so I can find it at a moment's notice whenever I need it.
  • MealBoard: The family works on a 4 week rota of meals and I love how this app lets me list them week by week and sets up a grocery list for all the items I'll need. As Elliott says, "cool beans".
  • Couch to 5k: Along with my Nike+, it's the way I run. I simply canNOT run without music and cues to tell me how far I've gone or how much time I have left. These do both.
  • MovieCat: My newest addition and one that I actually bought. This is movie trivia where they have cute cartoon cats in various movie situations that you have to guess. I never met a trivia game that I didn't like. I actually have a few apps like this on my toy.
Well I have lots more apps (iTunes tells me 129... heh.) but those are the ones I use every single day. Do you have an app you can't do without? Something like Angry Birds where you can't believe not everyone in the world is decimating those horrible pigs that smile at you with their horrible teeth and look at you with their beady eyes and taunt you with their nasty catcalls and whoops and... where was I? Oh yes... tell me about your favourite apps and why.


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