Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What would you do with a million dollars?

There's a lottery right now that promises to give one million a year for a bunch of years. What an awesome prize.

There is a lot I'd do with a ridiculous amount of cash. Here's the short list:

1) Buy my friends a cruise trip somewhere nice. This way I can gift them without having them hounding me every 5 minutes for cash. Once the trip is over, so is my obligation to shower them with money.

2) Pay off my dad's house, give a bunch of money to my brother.

3) Take the kids on a long family trip. Going on a plane with the whole gang is something we'd need at least cool mil to do. Have you seen how much it costs for 5 adults to fly anywhere? We'd have to mortgage our house to go to Disneyworld. Also, we'd winter in the tropics. Every winter.

4) Buy a second car. Five people, 5 extra-curricular activities, 2 jobs, 3 different schools, one minivan... the math doesn't add up. I'm absolutely dying for a little blue Smart.

6) My Louboutins. The only surprise here is that it's so low on the list.

7) Reno the house. It doesn't matter how much money I win, I'm never moving from this house. I just want to make it perfect. Two wall ovens, corian counters, ensuite bathroom and a bedroom for each kid plus a guest room.

8) Buy a cottage. Somewhere on a lake but with all the amenities. Mama needs a satellite and a fancy kitchen.

9) Personal trainer and chef. I need them.

10) A maid. Really? A millionairess who cleans her own grout with a toothbrush? Please.

I think that's it. It would be so nice to have a little monetary wiggle room. A girl can dream, can't she?

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