Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're such a great couple.

The night we saw Benjamin Button (right before Valentine's Day) I had another relationship realisation. The movie was pretty romantic. When we left the theatre a girl was giving out samples of chocolate body paint and we took a pot. When we got outside to the car, this was the scene:

Scott and Karen walk hand in hand. Scott rips out a comically loud fart.

Scott: I've been waiting 3 hours to do that.
Karen sighs and rolls her eyes
Scott: What should we do with that chocolate?
Karen (prying open the lid): Dunno, probably tastes crappy.
She tastes it by sticking in her finger then thrusts the lid at Scott for him to taste.
Scott (licking the lid): Yum.
Karen: Not too bad.
They continue to eat it straight out of the jar all the way home then proceed to hide the evidence (jar, sticky faces and fingers) before the kids notice.

Annnnnd.... scene.

Twenty-one years together, baby! That's true love.

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