Monday, February 16, 2009

Another commercial beef

Okay 2 ads by Tide. One I hate another I love. Why? Different ad agencies? Maybe? Different targets? Could be. But here is my beef anyway.

There's a Tide ad with this body image destroying skinny woman trying on white jeans in front of the mirror. The narrator says something like "12 weeks to get into them, 1 messy kiss to ruin them". They cut to a little girl eating something gross, running up to the mother and planting one on the leg of those jeans. The mother hugs and smiles and washes her pants. The premise is that you wash with Tide and you can wear them again. Whatever. Something bugs me about that ad. I can't put my finger on it. Is it the mother who only needs 12 weeks to become a size 00? I wasn't even that size when I was 12 years old. Is it the clunky language? 12 weeks... 1... kiss... seems hastily written. The fact that if it was me there'd be a lot more screaming and spanking involved? Maybe a little justifiable homicide? Don't judge me.

Now this Tide ad I love. Simple, funny, short, to the point. All my favourite things about a commercial. Now why do I still have to be subjected to the doormat, anorexic mother in the tight pants? Ugh.

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