Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weird dream

Last night I had the strangest dream. Really vivid. I rarely have vivid dreams and if I do I rarely remember them.

As usual I wasn't doing anything crazy. I was driving in my minivan. Only Henry was with me but also a woman and her 2 kids who we seemed to know and treated as friends. I never felt like I didn't know them. So we were all driving along and I wanted to exit off to my left. A stupid little golf cart complete with umbrella came up on my left and prevented my exit. So I sped up to stay ahead of him and I see police lights in my rearview. Damn.

I pulled over and the cop sidled up. He saw me and the woman and all the kids and assumed we were a family. I didn't correct him. He started asking a bunch of questions then wanted to talk to the kids. He opened the side door and pulled a large branch out of the van under the kids' feet. He told me how dangerous it was to have unsecured branches and twigs in a moving vehicle then he told me to move along. Isn't that strange? Oh, and did I mention that Britney Spears' "Womanizer" was playing loudly the whole time in the background? Weird.

What could it all mean? Actually writing it down just now made me realise the kinda gay vibe in the whole thing... swishy golfcart, the cop thinking me and the woman were together (and me not saying anything about it not being true), the branch (go look up the word that means "bundle of wood"), the song Womanizer...

The subconcious is never boring is it?


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