Friday, February 20, 2009

What makes women happy?

My friend Nicole and I were talking about this at work the other day. She was telling me that her and her hubby rarely do anything on Valentines Day. I thought that was sad because it is so easy to make us happy. It doesn't have to cost much money. Seriously. Just making an effort is enough to turn us into puddles of mush. Okay guys, listen up. To make us happy just do one or more of these on a weekly basis (most of these are free or at least under $10):

*Call us from work to tell us you were thinking of us. We love that and it's free unless you call us from a cell or pay phone.

*Bring us a book or magazine you may think we'd like. Again, we're suckers when you're showing us you thought of us when we aren't nagging you.

*Clean up the house. Hoo, what a turn-on.

*Open a door. Yes, I'm aware that it's old-fashioned and most women don't even wait for you to do it anymore but try it. Just rush ahead one time and open the mall door. It'll be worth it.

*A massage. No, (and hear me on this one) not a foreplay massage but a real massage. Massage that turns into blind thrusting after 5 minutes NEVER turns us on. Trust me.

*Cook. It doesn't have to be edible, just make an effort.

*Take the kids and get out of the house. Take them somewhere fun and leave your lucky lady in the house alone. We'd have a long hot bath, watch tv or have a silly telephone conversation with a friend. Heaven for an hour.

See? None of these are expensive or would put you out in any way shape or form. Honestly. Give one of them a try next week and tell me what happened. But don't go into to much detail for the love of God.

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