Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Working on loving fall

Okay. I admit that I've been pretty negative about the changing season. It's not Autumn's fault. As a standalone season, it's fine, really. It's only because fall reminds me that winter (my real enemy) is coming that I dislike it so much. You know me, I love summer so freaking much that I usually start grouching about it from now until my first dragonboat practice in May. So I forced myself to think about this and here are ten things I love about Fall:

1) No bugs
2) Easier dinners. Casseroles, lasagnes, roasts and slow cooker meals play to my lazy side
3) No more bathing suits
4) New tv shows. I already have very little space left on my PVR
5) I get to use the seat warmers in Scott's car (if and when I get to drive it)

Here's where it started to get hard...

6) It's pretty
7) Socks. I hate sand between my toes (I know)
8) My leopard skin patterned Snuggie
9) Hats. I can really rock hats
10) Less guilt when I want to spend the entire weekend under a blanket watching tv.

Hey I did it. Bring on the cooler weather. I guess.


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