Monday, October 26, 2015

Thinking a lot about dogs lately

I've never really been a dog person, but I like other people's pooches. Audrey has been begging for a dog for... how old is she now? Seventeen?... 17 years and I think I'm finally ready. Scott has been really vocal in his dislike for large dogs in the city. He had dogs all his life in the country and having them spend most of their lives outside running loose and pooping wherever, is more attractive to him than my preference: a cute little dog. Okay, Benji. My dream dog is Benji. My preference is to have a dog that's essentially the size and demeanour of a cat. Audrey just wants a dog.

Looka dat face...

Scott is an engineer and responds really well to projects and presentations. Months ago I had Audrey approach this whole thing like a school assignment. She would do research, on breeds, cost, allergenic-ness (both she and Scott have dog allergies), compatibility with cats, medical issues... everything under the sun that Scott could ask about dog ownership. She is going to present this on powerpoint at some point whenever it's ready as if it's for marks. But even better, if she passes she'll get a dog.

What about you? What dog breed is your favourite? What do you think will work best with our family? And our cat? A puppy? An older dog? What do you think?

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