Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Photo Dump

Haven't done this in a while... should be interesting.

Organizing my geeky tshirt drawer. I counted over 50... They're really mashed in!

Audrey gets a trim. I love going there. It takes the day and as it wears on, my West Indian accent gets thicker and thicker. And I don't even have one in the first place.

Scott and I in a dragonboat, about to take off to see the super moon.

There it is.

Really? Go home, Pumpkin Spice. You're drunk.

Texted this to Audrey asking which one she wanted. Her reply: all.

We're about to get some stuff done to the front of the house and I wanted a before picture.

My friend Heidi's cows. Named Porkchop, Meatloaf, Haggis and Chickenwing. Guess where they'll be next year at this time?

Heidi's husband told me he had never taken a selfie before. Challenge accepted.

Can you see me? I was on stage at Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids.

My boss treating us really special on Teacher's Day. There was a scarf, nail polish and chocolate inside.

Field trip to Auntie Shelley's orchard. One of the dads chucked an apple core then everyone thought it would be a riot to have target practice. It was.

Who doesn't like a roll in the hay?

Shadow selfie

Scarecrow in the corn maze

Um... doesn't quite work when both kids are the same weight

Snack in the barn

Thanksgiving craft

Thanksgiving menu

Me after cooking all that. I really didn't want to eat a thing. I'd been tasting all day.

The best cereal in the world. You cannot convince me that all the colours taste the same.

Leftovers! Turkey pot pie. I preferred it to the turkey

So I was at the Fluevog store and I couldn't choose. I posted this picture on facebook, but the general consensus (and the one I preferred too) was the one on the left

Waking up at 5:15 doesn't always suck.

New shoes at work.

Okay, that wasn't as riveting as I thought it'd be. Oh well, what are you gonna do?

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