Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A picture an hour? Sounded like fun at the time...

Last week I took a photo an hour for a day from 2pm to 6pm (skipping 10 to 7 because, frankly, interrupting my REM sleep to amuse you wasn't part of the plan). So sit back, relax and enjoy all that I do in an average day.

2pm: I just sat down to check my important emails. Okay, I was reading Buzzfeed or something.

3pm: Time to watch my favourite podcasters do a video. It was so cool to put faces to the voices.

4pm: I spend a little time with my boys.

5pm: I should be cooking dinner but the attention from my boys was so compelling...

6pm: An after dinner uke practice

7pm: Reading magazines. The Time Magazine is right underneath... I swear.

8pm: Prime time not only for tv watching but family too.

9pm: Great! I love loading up the dishwasher just before bed. Yes, I said bed. I've become my mother.

7am: Up with the lark so get ready for my bright shiny day.

8am: Dropping off Audrey at school in time for band practice

9am: Just about to start work

11am: Cleaning. They did a great job using all our resources. That's teacher-speak for making a mess. I clearly missed the 10am alarm from having too much fun. More teacher-speak?

12pm: Here's what I do at noon. I grab my fleece and head out.

1pm: Off to Costco I go. Pay no attention to the shit in my cart. My advice to you: never shop while hungry.

2pm: Second location. I usually go to 4 places on shopping day. Ugh.

3pm: Time to put everything away.

4pm: More cleaning. This time the stuff that doesn't fit in the dishwasher. 

5pm: Making something sweet with leftover quiche pastry. Cinnamon roll thingies. They came out great. I may just make them without having to make a quiche in the first place.

6pm: Stupid alarm woke me up from my nap. Hey, I deserve it. I'm old and I had a busy day.
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