Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What is happening?

I always feel safe here in Ottawa. But this afternoon a gunman killed a soldier then ran down the street and stormed our Parliament before getting killed himself. This is Canada. This just doesn't happen here.

Parliament Hill has always been open to the public. We as citizens can just walk in and wander those beautiful halls. It's what we are known for... an extension of that lovely and famous politeness we often get teased for, but are fiercely proud of. For that we are being punished. We may lose that openness because of this terrible act of violence. It sucks. There were so many chilling pictures. The paramedics working on the soldier where he fell... armed security running up the Parliament lawn toward the Centre Block... Parliamentarians piling up chairs in front of a door to barricade it... the shots ringing out sounding like a freaking Wild West shootout... It doesn't seem real.

Schools and businesses were (and some still are) on lockdown and we just wait. I love this city and country and when I woke up this morning I felt proud as I always do, to have been born in such an awesome country. I'm worried to see what I'll wake up to tomorrow morning. Will we be surrounded by armed guards? Will my kids have to walk through metal detectors at school? That isn't us, but I think we may be naive if we think that everything will get back to normal after this awful day. And that makes me sad.


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