Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Photo Dump!

A leaf I found today. Kinda boring but it was nearly 2:01...

Back story: we caught this little guy at my school and I wanted to release him at a nearby park. I took this photo just before a seagull swooped down and nearly took him. I chased the bird away, scooped him up in the Tupperware I brought him in and put him in a rocky area where he could hide and stay out of trouble. What a pain. But looka dat face... 

There he is eating an apple after we caught him.

Audrey got most of her braces off. Just the top teeth. It would have been all but I messed up the appointment time and she showed up an hour late. I still haven't stopped apologizing. It'll be another 2 weeks before she can bite into an apple like she'd been looking forward to. I'll never live that one down...

My dragonboat coach gets an phone upgrade thanks to our end of the year gift. I think he was the only person under 30 to still be using a flip phone.

My 1950's Housewife Storm costume is nearly complete

I can always find the TARDIS at any con.

The Moment and the Ironside... it's a Doctor Who thing. nevermind...

Wedding dress shopping with my bestie... she made me swear not to publish any photos but I'm sure she'd be fine with this. Those shoes are to die for aren't they?

These pictures sure make me look like I have a life, don't they?

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