Monday, July 14, 2014

What a busy weekend!


Scott and I went to Montreal to see Cirque De Soleil. Before that, though he had a meeting in town and I went with him so I could play tourist. I had no idea that a parade would break out. I've lived in Ottawa over 20 years and never saw the changing of the guards except by accident. Today was no exception.

They close the road to traffic every single weekday in the summer for this. In busy downtown. So cool!

Later was the trip to Montreal. While the show was beyond amazing, our "hotel" room was one step up from a European prison cell. Scott, being the ultimate gentleman that he is (because I made the reservation) kept going on about the view, the quiet, the location and the clean sheets but I couldn't get past the bathroom fan that sounded like a jet engine, the tv that didn't work, the lack of a radio, the lack of a closet, the one small lamp for lighting, the truly abysmal green streaky paint in the bathroom (I swear it looked like someone had smeared their poop on the walls. Seriously.) Oh I forgot to mention the humongous spiderweb behind the bathroom door. I didn't look too close but at least it seemed to be uninhabited. And the toilet that only worked half the time.

See? We had to mess with it every time we flushed.

So. Freaking. Small. Look at the edge of the bedspread...

then attach it to this picture to get the "scope" of it. I'm standing in the doorway.

Thank goodness we didn't stay in that gross room too long. Like I said, the show was fantastic... so much to see. I thought Scott would think it was too "frou-frou" but he enjoyed it on another level. He loved the engineering of it and how they moved trapezes and trampolines in and out of their places while keeping the theme. Pretty incredible. Naturally I liked the shirtless guys.

Pre show...


We went to visit my aunt in her new "old folks" home. She's pretty lonely so every time we find ourselves in Montreal we go see her. She's going to be 82 in September. Looka dat face...

This was at McDonalds of all places. She was jonesing for a Big Mac


Blissfully nothing but a dragonboat practice.


My second crown appointment at the dentist. I hate the dentist but I love laughing gas. I felt nothing as they ground my tooth down to a nub then glued a shiny new porcelain tooth in its place. She told me that my teeth were so white that they had to use the second whitest one they had. I'm so glad it's all over. I hate the dentist but you can't really tell from this photo...

They shouldn't have left me alone. Did I mention I like gaughing las?

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

PS: Saw this plaque on a door as we were leaving the "hotel" and it made me laugh...

"On this site in 1897 nothing happened"

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