Monday, July 28, 2014

Crying at the park

I went for my usual run this morning and I stopped like I always do to hang out with the heron that's always fishing there. Thirty minutes after sitting on my rock, a lady came by on a bike. She stopped and she started making small talk.

Her: Beautiful creature, huh?
Me: Definitely. I've been here half an hour just watching it.
Her: And it hasn't flown away? That's pretty special. Have you lost anyone lately? It could be their spirit saying hello to you.
Me (thinking where the hell did that come from?): Um. No...
Her: Well have a lovely day!
And she biked off.

Of course, what do I do? I start thinking of the people I've lost which leads to my mother, the only significant one and I start crying. In the park. Like an idiot. In front of the bird.


So how was your morning?


I took these Friday morning... not bad, right?

She let me get really close

Does anyone have a nicer place to run than I do? I'm so close to this park, If I screamed, my kids at home would hear me. Not that I do much park screaming...

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