Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This is great stuff

Longtime readers know that I have a complaint about my dreams. They are usually quickly forgotten, senseless, vaguely scary or about nothing at all. Seriously I have had dreams about sitting on the couch watching So You Think You Can Dance, I shit you not.

I always keep a pad and paper by the bed for when I randomly remember a grocery item to throw on the list later, song I want to download in the morning or an  invention I think would revolutionize the automotive industry. Like plastic self-adhesive defrosting strips that you attach to the windshield and plug into the lighter. I've got to get on that one...

So anyway, this morning the pad and pen were in my bed and there was stuff on it I don't remember writing. I obviously had a dream, I woke up, wrote it down and quickly forgot about it. Cool, right? here it is, weird spellings and punctuations and all. I'm pretty sure I wrote it in the dark (or maybe in my sleep) because the writing was a mess and Scott didn't wake up...


Alien chase in space one runaway and two bountay hunters.

they crash land on earth at a seaside town and immediately the atmosphere forces them to shapeshift or something borrow the bodies of the locals?

the chase restarts but and now the hunters are in male and female bodies. They incapattte (I think it's supposed to be "incapacitate" but side note: how good is my vocabulary even while asleep?) there bounty then finally realise what a beautiful place they are in.

***massive incomprehensible scribbles here***

they hide the body the proceed to have an amazingly romantic day at the seaside. NOSEX  (Wow, it looks like I'm a prude even while dreaming)

in the evening another ship that has been monitoring the whole chase arrives and starts scanning the earthlings looking for the 3 aliens. the original bounty alien had woken up and watched the other two aliens fall in love. He dmages temporay the scanner guns which don't work when used on the bounty hunters. After a few tries, they start to work as they lovers get painfully discovered.

happens in one day. space stuff. SPACE ROMMACE!!!


What kind of crazy is that?

Now I just wait for Hollywood to call...


You get the weirdest pictures when you google image search "alien romance"

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