Thursday, July 3, 2014

Picture Dump!

It's that time again boys and girls when in lieu of a proper blog post I just vomit up the contents of my phone and expect you to enjoy it. And you do. Don't try to lie. That said... let's take a tour of that last month or so, shall we?

Here are the cupcakes (and cake) that I panicked over, sweat on and generally freaked out upon for my friend's wedding. They didn't turn out so bad but it reminded me of precisely why I'd NEVER do this as a business.

Last day of school picnic and bubble party.

Audrey's birthday came precisely 3 days after the wedding. I had LOTS of grey frosting left over which explains the odd colour of her cake.

My first pub quiz. We didn't get our asses handed to us but we also didn't do as well as I had hoped. Note the photo question at the bottom of the page that guaranteed ONE right answer from my team

A selfie from the dragonboat festival where our women's team "The Dames" came in 5th overall out of about 20 women's teams. Oh, and did I mention that we're the oldest women's team by average age? Take that.

This is the same day after paddling 10 races and sitting in the hot sun. Audrey wanted to stay to watch Down With Webster. She's lucky I love her.

She got to meet the lead singer so I suppose the sacrifice of seeing a noisy band after working out all day was worth it. Look how happy she is...

Proving that all the nice photos of me are clearly staged. Here I am Jabba the Hutting in my new Costco hammock.

Proud parents at Henry's grade 8 graduation. Also where did this 6' kid come from? 

At the beach with Audrey. Living so close makes it easy to just drop everything, bring a blanket and a Kindle and hang for an hour. Plus the Baja Burger Shack is licensed, y'all!

Elliott has an incredible talent to make every photo he's in look like an album cover. He's on his way to camp here and I won't see him till the end of August.

This is the thanks I get for taking them to Dairy Queen

Sangria much?

Doing my nails this past Tuesday at 2:01. You can see why I didn't post it... (I didn't say these were all going to be fascinating...)

Can I just say that I love these kids? These are Elliott's friends who knew that he's not here but came over to hang out anyway. We were watching the World Cup.

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