Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Three

For today's blog I'd like to share three things from my house that I'd save in a fire. But first I'd like to state that:
  • My family and cat go without saying. 
  • Object weight doesn't count. It's my fire fantasy so I'm going to be bionic and have 3 sets of arms.
  • My purse also goes without saying. My phone and iPod are in there. And my lip gloss for when the   handsome firefighters arrive.
  • Let's also automatically add my photo albums. They're the only evidence of the time I had long hair. Not even my iPod contains that comedy gold.
Dang, I got distracted. Okay, let's start over.

For today's blog I'd like to share 3 things from my kitchen that I'd save in a fire.
  1. My KitchenAid mixer. Ask anyone who has one. Plus she has a name so she's part of the family. You may address her as Terra. There's a geeky explanation for that which will put me off track if I start.
  2. My super sharp, perfectly balanced, all steel (one moulded piece including the handle), gorgeous Wusthof knife that Scott brought me direct from Germany. It's the most expensive thing in the kitchen after Terra.
  3. An Oikos lime flavoured Greek yoghurt. It's my current obsession. So yummy, thick and pudding-like. Plus bananas are for closers. Hey, I'll likely get hungry waiting for those hunky firemen.

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