Tuesday, November 13, 2012

At 2:01pm today I...

was listening to one of my favourite podcasts. It's the only one around about my favourite soap Coronation Street. And since it's 2 weeks ahead of the broadcast here in Canada so, yay, spoilers! Hi (and thank you) Michael and Gemma!

I've been watching this show since 1990 and stories abound about our relationship. When I went into labour with Elliott in 1996, I stayed home (too long according to my ob/gyn) so I could watch the outcome of a trial before I  left for the hospital.

Audrey and Elliott both have namesakes on the show and every day I pray that a Henry or Henderson will show up.

When Elliott was little, I was part of an Ottawa Coronation Street group that periodically had "meetings" in pubs. I was chosen for a CBC radio interview to talk about the show and the fact it was being delayed for weeks due to Olympic coverage. I sounded both lucid and sane.

A couple of years ago I was on a CBC television special about rabid fans called Corrie Crazy. They actually came over to my house to film that one. In that interview I sounded neither lucid nor sane. I think it all went downhill when they asked me to re-enact Elliott's birth (the part before I left for the hospital) and I agreed. Out of sheer humiliation (and you know me, I'm a shameless self-promoter), I never told anyone when that one aired but since I've outed myself here's the link. I said so many other insightful things that they didn't use. Whatever.

I've never met any of the characters but one day when I win the lotto, I hope to take the Kemptville Travel trip to the set. Yearly, I get the most tempting brochure complete with photos of last year's participants with the stars they met or with their bellies up to the Rovers Return bar. Agony.

I love meeting fellow Corrie fans. There's at least one every place you go. One of your first interactions is always "so how long have you been watching?" You can't help it... it's been on for 52 years. Did you know that one of the current actors has been on since day 1? He's a world record holder.

Sorry, this post must be so boring for non-Corrie watchers I apologise. The next one will be about something we can all relate to. I haven't decided what that'll be yet but I'm sure you'll love it.

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