Monday, November 5, 2012

Nom nom nom.

That's the sound of me eating my words. In 2007 I posted this. I'll give you a second to read it...

Back? Great!

Well, it turns out that even though I didn't TRY to win this, it fell in my lap anyway. An old high school friend (Hi Hugh!) won it and couldn't go so he offered to to me. While it never occurred to me to try for it myself, I'm not a total kook and would never look a gift horse in the mouth. So Scott and I are Vegas bound for 1 single solitary day.

 Here are my previous arguments knocked down one by one:

 "I'd need a sitter to sleep here overnight and get the kids to school if it's a school day."
- The kids are older now so what we've decided was to farm them out to their friends. Each one is going on a sleepover and it works out well. All the parent has to do is feed each kid dinner, provide them a bed, then make sure they get to school in the morning which should be easy since they're in each kids' class. The next day they can come straight home since we'll be home later. It's so much easier than having someone sleep here to "babysit" on a weeknight.

"What do I want with a trip that doesn't provide me with an actual bed?"
- Why NOT sleep? There's nothing in the rules that says you can't just book a room. We decided to do one tour (of the desert), have a nice dinner, gamble a bit, then sleep. In a hotel. We aren't kids anymore.

"Then there's the Vegas aspect. I've been there for a four day weekend and even that wasn't enough. There was so much to see."
- Silly. We're going to choose one thing then do it. Walking around and soaking up the atmosphere (and the warm temps) will have to be enough. I have to work in the morning. God, I'm so old...

"Anyway, if you go to Cirque de Soleil, say, then go for dinner and gamble a little you're done. Call me crazy but that doesn't sound like a prize to me. I'd much rather win movie passes."
- Are you kidding? This is nearly the exact trip we're planning. And I do NOT stand by what I said about the movie passes.

"The preparation for the trip would take more time than the trip itself. You'd have to find the perfect outfit since you don't have time to change. No luggage. You'd have to wear (ugh!) comfortable shoes. I don't know."
- Here's the deal... I'm already packed. I love that everything I need can fit in one tiny bag. One pair of shorts, one top, one pair of sandals, a makeup case, a toothbrush and pyjamas. Oh, and a bathing suit. It can actually all fit in a Ziploc bag. Love this. And the comfortable shoes? Please. I have 9 pairs of Converse. The problem will be deciding on a colour.

"This sounds like no prize."
- Ummm, yeah, it does. And I have to thank Hugh again for being so generous about giving it away. When we get back, he is so getting the best steak dinner I can muster. With cake.

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