Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've finally gotten organised enough to post these.

Here are photos from our Vegas trip of last week. For those who were out of the loop, an old high school friend won tickets for 24 hours in Vegas, couldn't go and gave them to Scott and me. The trip was Wednesday and Thursday last week. Just a note, the trip was only the airfare down. No hotel, spending money or anything. With 2 days salary lost, accommodations  food and activities, we spent a little more than usual for the middle of the week. That said, it was a total blast!

I thought of several ways to write up this blog but realized the simpler the better since we were on limited time. I set my iPod to ring every hour (except the 5 hours we were sleeping) and snapped a shot. All times were EST...

This was the time we left the house. Had to be at the airport for 5:15
6am: A little caffeine never goes amiss

7am: This was her first flight!

Champagne at 8am? I'm game.

9am: Are we there yet?
10am: Bathroom break

11am: The geek must read

12pm: The Grand Canyon by plane. Desperately searching for  discarded Acme products...

1pm: We've finally arrived

2pm: On our way up to our room at the Tropicana

3pm: Quick walk before our desert tour starts

4pm: Red Rock Canyon.
5pm: Cliff, our enthusiastic and fun tour guide
6pm: See? What did I say? Enthusiastic!

7pm: Tour is over. I thought you'd be tired of desert scenes
8pm: Back to the Trop to change clothes
9pm: Wasn't this in Big?
10pm: SHOES! These little beauties were a steal from Fendi at  $745
11pm: Hot and sour soup and Caesar's Palace. 
12am: The Paris nightlife
1am: Back to our room for a quick rest before our next activity...
2am: A comedy club

3am: Borat before bed? Why not?

4am: This is what sheer exhaustion looks like

After the above shot we went to bed. I wanted to be fresh as a daisy for our final Vegas activity:

11am: Blammo!

Then we went home. The end. We barely even gambled. In fact we put more money in the slot machines at the airport than at the casinos. This was the craziest trip I'd ever been on and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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