Thursday, September 27, 2012

My journey to see Journey

So I bought these tickets months ago and I only found someone to go with at the last minute. Thanks Nicole! But honestly... Who wouldn't want to see Loverboy, Pat Benatar and Journey all together on one bill? I mean really! It would have been a steal at half the price. Three bands of my childhood together? They weren't even my favourites but they were played all through my youth that I couldn't help but want to go.

I don't want to bore you if you're not interested (remember my Wicked post?) but I have to go on about it just for a bit. Let me start with the opening act, Loverboy. Pretty short set and I have to say quite unintentionally hilarious. The lead singer Mike Reno has not aged well and could barely move across the stage. In fact, he seemed to be using the mike stand as a cane for much of the performance. Poor guy looked a bit like a pot bellied middle aged dad doing karaoke. The only times he moved from his spot was to get a drink which I'm sure was laced with Pepto and not bourbon like the old days. And I think he may have taken a huff out of an oxygen tank at one point. He wore a bandanna and sunglasses and at the end of his set he wrung out that sweaty square of cloth and threw it into the audience. In the old days that would have caused a riot but everyone in my section let out an audible "EWWWW!" We sure have grown up.

Pat Benatar was next. Holy hell, she was good. She had great rapport with the crowd and told us a lot about the songs before she sang them. Her husband has been her guitarist and she delighted in telling us many times that they were married 34 years. In that industry she may as well said 340. Incredible. She looked young and gorgeous and could still hit the high notes. I knew many more of her songs than the other 2 bands so I enjoyed her the most. I'll never forget learning the choreography to the Love is a Battlefield video and dancing in Kathy's basement.

Last was Journey. I knew going in that Steve Perry the lead singer wasn't with the band anymore but I had no idea who would be taking his place. Wow, was I ever surprised and impressed with the guy they chose. And how did they choose him, you ask? Fricking YouTube. Unbelievable. And was it ever nice to have someone who could jump around and hit the high notes. So much energy. Plus, I have 2 more words for you: Confetti cannon. Here's the band explaining how they found him: So in all, the concert was excellent. My throat is sore, my legs ache and I am happy. What else do you want for $65? kxx
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