Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A vent about this sort of teacher's strike

With 2 kids in high school, I'm annoyed by Ontario teachers cutting or outright cancelling extracurricular activities in a sort of work-to-rule action. This is because the current government is being a bunch of bullying douche-bags.

Think back to high school. Do you remember your workaday classes, your exams or tests? I'll bet you don't. You remember your school play, your sporting events and your terrible band, all of which are cancelled for my kids for the time being.

My kids are both in crucial high school years. Audrey is in her first year and this will colour her attitude about her entire high school career. She was really looking forward to joining the band and maybe choir. Elliott is in grade 11, the year that universities look at when they make their considerations. What are they looking for? Yes, marks but also involvement in extracurriculars. I'm not sure if they're going to care if there was eff all on offer in the first place.

Anyway, I had to vent about this. I hope this job action doesn't screw the kids over. Also note that I haven't blamed the teachers in this. They are just trying to exercise their rights without wrecking the school year. I'm just sad about the kids missing the fun stuff of school. One of my best high school memories was a 4 day grade 11 trip to New York City which wouldn't have happened if this was going on then.

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