Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At 2:01 Tuesday I was...

Gassing up the car.

Funny story. Well amusing. Okay, let's be real here: Story.

I got the final incarnation of my final drivers' licence (there are a whole bunch of levels to go though) when I was 32. For the longest while I tried to take the car only when there was a full tank of gas. Unfortunately there was one time when the light came on and I couldn't avoid it any more because Scott was out of town for work. I had to pump my own gas.

Unfortunately full serve was rare even then and I hadn't been driving long enough to know where those stations were. I pulled up to the place closest to home, hoping it would explain itself to me out of a clear blue sky like the Pump Whisperer or something but it didn't. In fact it was one of those old school tanks with no text readout at all. Most tanks in 1999 didn't have those fancy card readers and cool tv-like displays anyway. I looked at the tank in complete and utter disappointment. I thought about pulling away but I had no idea how long the car could run on fumes. I thought about abandoning the car right there and then, claiming that I had a mental breakdown. When clearer heads prevailed, I pulled out my cell phone (at least those had been invented) and called Scott. In Frankfurt. Germany.

Me: Ummm... can you help me with something?
Him: Sure. What's up? The guys and I are about to go out for dinner so I have to make it quick.
Me: Er...yeah. Look, I'm at MacEwan's and... (humiliated pause)
Him: Yes...
Me (sigh): I have to fill up the car and I don't know how the pump works.
Him (long pause where I could hear his mental laughter coming through the ear pressed to the phone): You know I'll never let you forget this, right?
Me: Yes. Just shut up and help me.

And to his credit, he hasn't. Good times. Now it's my job to fill the car when I go grocery shopping and I actually like it. Especially since I use that Esso Speedpass thingie that you just wave at the pump and it takes the money right off your credit card. I've actually been known to go to a different gas station if I have to go all the way to the store to pay the attendant inside. Spoiled rotten, I am...


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