Monday, June 25, 2012

Where do I begin to describe the chaos that has been my week?

Let's see? The high school exam schedule? The drama of a middle-school field trip to Montreal? The endless practices for our dragonboat festival? Said festival? The squirrel in my spare room? Father's Day? Audrey's birthday? The last day of work for the summer? My new-found gum disease? My work staff party? I'm serious, folks... I've been so snowed under that it's a wonder I remember to shower every morning.

Let's take it one at a time. I won't dwell on any one thing but if you want deets, ask for them in the comments and I'll spill.

The high school exam schedule
Elliott's exams have started. He seemed pretty laid back about them as he was "studying" (textbook on lap, ipod blasting noise, laptop on the coffee table with an idiotic game running... hey, at least the book was open). I asked when he was due to write it. He hemmed and hawed then texted a friend. Turned out he's supposed to sit it in 30 minutes. Sigh.

The drama of a middle-school field trip to Montreal
Audrey was due home at 9pm from an all day excursion to "study the physics of roller coasters" at La Ronde, a 2 hour drive from here. At 10pm she still hadn't arrived. "Oh well", I thought, "the bus is late". Ten minutes later I got a knock on my door from the mum of Audrey's best friend who is completely freaking out. Where are the girls!? She was so upset. Uh oh. Should I be panicking too? Am I a horrible mother because I'm not? Do I not love my Diva like she loves her daughter? Turned out the bus driver had dropped off a bunch of kids at the wrong place after an exhausting day. If I was the driver I'd have driven into the wall of the Decarie expressway, having lost my mind driving that grade 8 class around. There would have been every reason to panic then, that's for sure.

The endless practices for our dragonboat festival
We had 3 a week to gear up for the festivities. One hour a day, paddling our backs and hearts out. Seriously. One of my teammates got diagnosed with an enlarged heart and had to bow out for the season so I know of what I speak.

Said festival
After 2 races Saturday and 3 on Sunday, The ORCC Dunrobin Dames came in 7th in our 200m race, 5th in our 500m race and 54th overall out of 201 boats. I spent the whole day at the site, in the sun (except for that last race, eh ladies?), bonding with my team. It was so amazing. If you're not a member of a team, I suggest you find something to do with one. It's one of the most satisfying experiences you could imagine.

The squirrel in my spare room
I saw a squirrel in my fireplace while I was getting ready for the festival yesterday. Just before I left I stopped hearing it scrabbling around and thought it went back up the chimney. I left for the day without telling anyone. To give me credit, everyone was sleeping as it was 7am on a Sunday morning. At around 10am I called home to update the family on our times and they told me they found a squirrel in the spare room. Heh. Just the idea of them trying to chase it out of the house makes me laugh.

Father's Day
He got a Kindle and lots of kudos for being a good dad.

Audrey's birthday
Same day as Father's Day. She had 4 friends over and they slept outside in a tent. They giggled until at least 2am when I had to yell at them to shut the eff up. They ate more pizza, chips, pop and candy than 14 year old girls had a right to eat.

The last day of work for the summer
What an amazing preschool. The kids were so full of hugs and love the the parents were so generous and kind that I will actually miss working this summer. Mostly. It was a very emotional day, saying goodbye to my kids and co-workers, some for the summer, some for longer than that. Good thing we had wine.

My new-found gum disease
I've got gum disease. I don't want to discuss it except to say that the periodontist promised she wouldn't pull all my teeth out. Plus she said I could have a Valium before she gave me the needle in my gums. Good thing because if she came at me with that thing I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't leave a Karen-shaped hole in her office door trying to get out of there.

My work staff party
Such an amazing banquet! We had a multi-course meal and each was so large that once the main course came I couldn't touch it. Thankfully I got to take it home and I ate it for lunch for the next 2 days. My boss is so generous that we all got a certificate of appreciation that was personalized to each teacher (I was the Sunshine Girl which meant that I'm perpetually cheerful and not that I look good in a bathing suit). We also got gorgeous hand-stamped necklace with the words "respect", "compassion" and "friendship" on it along with our initials. So sweet. I love this job.

So that's what's up with me. You?


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