Tuesday, June 19, 2012

@ 2:01 Today I Was...

Listening to Stephen King's "It" on my iPod. No joke folks, this book is scaring the crap out of me. I originally read it in the '80s and I swear it's freaking me out just as much now as it did then. Honestly, I can't listen to it after dark.

At work I had my earphones in, listening to it while cleaning a storage closet. Someone walked in and I nearly shit my pants, no word of a lie. Good thing it's a preschool and there are lots of diaper wipes handy.

Also, I LOVE the reader. As an audiobook connoisseur, I've learned that he/she can make or break a book. I've stopped great books mid-sentence because the reader stunk and I've stuck it out through crappy books because the reader was full of personality. I think actors do the best job and this reader is no exception. Remember the tv show Wings? It's Steven Weber who played one of the brothers. He is the best readers I've heard since Wil Wheaton read "Ready Player One" to me. Good thing because this book is looooong!

So anyway, that's what I was doing at 2:01 today.

kxx (by the way, the photo is of my iPod speaker)
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