Friday, June 29, 2012

I visited Van Gogh yesterday

Yesterday was a rarity. The kids were at school and Scott's out of town so I was alone on a beautiful day. It'll probably never happen like that again this summer so I decided to go to the Van Gogh exhibit downtown. He's my favourite artist and I was planning to go at some point this summer. But if I went without the kids, I wouldn't have to drag anyone who didn't really want to go, I could linger over every single painting and read the text beside each one and I'd have no one rushing me through. Plus I wouldn't have to buy anything from the gift shop just to shut them up or spend a fortune at the museum cafĂ©. Yup, it'd be perfect.

I put on a dress (yes I did) and got there just after 11. I paid my admission and even sprung for an audioguide. Why not? After the initial overwhelm I feel when I see paintings by my favourite artists (tears, goosebumps, the whole nine), I settled in and enjoyed the whole thing. The irises, haystacks and butterflies were all in fine form. I only got in trouble once for snapping a photo. When the security guard came rushing up to me I thought he was going to say something about a flash (which I hadn't planned to use, d'uh, I didn't grow up in a barn) but it turned out no photos of any kind. Heh. I should have realized I didn't see anyone else taking pictures.

After the exhibit I actually did buy something. A 4 dollar fridge magnet of a Van Gogh painting used as a plot point on a Doctor Who episode. On an unrelated note, I love my kids. They recognised it right away.

After spending 2 hours at the gallery, I was hungry. I thought of going home but realised that if I did I'd be stuck having a yucky old sandwich and a glass of orange juice. Not too exciting a way to cap off such a lovely day. Since I was already downtown and the day was so gorgeous I decided to sit out on a pub patio. When the waitress asked if I was waiting for anyone, I said (probably a little too loudly) "Nope, it's just me". Then I situated myself in a perfect people watching spot (in fact I took a table for 6 all for myself... the server said I could sit anywhere) and ordered a Strongbow and a French onion soup. The soup was meh but the cider was cold and delicious. I thought I'd feel a little weird eating and drinking on my own and even pretended to send texts but then thought "what the heck" and just took everything in with a contented smile on my face and my feet on a chair. Definitely one of those "life is good" moments. I suggest that everyone try this at some point this summer. You may find that you are pretty good company.

So that was my yesterday. Today I had planned to take the kids to the beach but they all have their own ideas as to what to do today. None of them include me as it happens. So it looks like I'll be beating the heat by staying in air conditioned "comfort" (I find it chilling, actually) and doing laundry. Woo. Stop the world I want to get off.

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